Butter updates: Better perfomance, beautiful new timers and MOAR STUFF!

What's cooking, good looking?

We're delighted to once again get the opportunity to grace your inbox with a new set of updates from team Butter. That is quite the privilege to be honest. So, thanks a bunch for that! 🙌

Alright, let's do what we came here to do!

⚡ New video grids for better performance

Let's start with a confession: Boy, it is hard building live collaboration tools. 😅 But man, we're making some great progress and can feel Butter getting smoother by the day!

Therefore, we're pretty excited about releasing our new video grids for Butter! The new video grids use have a significant impact on performance (and network usage) and should make for a lot more smoother sessions.


⏱ New timer designs

"Draw as many apples as you can in 2 minutes!"

Timers are an essential tool in every facilitator toolbox. We've always had timers in Butter, and now we've taken the time to make them even better.

On top of a completely updated look for the timers, we have added the ability to:

  • customise the colours of your timer
  • decide whether you want the "I'm done" indicator there or not
  • minimise the timer while it is running (smoooth 😉)
  • add minutes to the timer while it is running
  • adjust volume on the timer locally (yeah, finally... we know), and
  • better previews when setting up your timers ahead of your sessions!

Give it a spin and let us know what you think!


✨ More smooth updates

Apart from the ones above, there are also quite a number of smaller "quality of life" updates that we're pretty giddy about pushing your way. 🤩

  • New sound effect! Boxing Bell replaces Breaking News sound (Knock yourself out with the new sound! 🥊)
  • Quickly add emojis in chat using colons (e.g. :horns: = 🤘)
  • New view counter on your recording page
  • Use arrow keys to navigate your PDF presentations
  • Implemented in-app changelog updates for better communication of fixes, improvements and new features!
  • Updated onboarding videos 👋

That's all folks 👋

We're working on some really big updates that we cannot wait to share with you. Until then, let us know if you have any feedback or ideas. As always, you can reply directly to this email!

Have a fantastic week and be sure to tell your mom/dad/partner/kids/doggo you love them. You'll make their day! 🥰

High fives and buttery wishes,

Chris from Butter 👋