Shared rooms, new waiting room and so.much.more Buttery smoothness!

Shared rooms, new waiting room and so.much.more Buttery smoothness!

Alright alright alright, we know it's been some time since we last sent you buttery smooth emails about all the cool stuff we've been up to. This is no bueno!

"Does this mean you haven't been building anything?" - Au contraire mon ami - au contraire!

We've been building a LOT of new stuff and have a LOT of great stuff coming up. So pretty excited to be reaching your inbox again! Enough chitchat, let's dive in!

👯‍♀️ Shared rooms: Inviting co-facilitators

Workshops and collaborative sessions are rarely only planned and handled by one person. We're excited to announce that you can now invite people in as co-facilitators to your rooms ahead of your sessions — both existing Butter users AND new users! This'll hopefully help you share the work when it comes to preparing for your sessions.

Co-facilitators can:

  • Add and edit the agenda
  • Set up and edit activities
  • Update the waiting room designs
  • Start sessions on their own!

🛎 New waiting rooms: Everything has been buttered up!

One of the most buttery things about Butter is our unique waiting rooms. We recently took the time to really give them a makeover to make everything even more buttery! Some of the things you will see in the new waiting room:

  • Completely revamped design (you can now also set background colours!)
  • Ability to test mic and camera before joining a session
  • Select an avatar or snap a profile photo directly from the waiting room
  • Share agenda to the waiting room
  • Message people in the waiting (great when you just need an extra couple of minutes or want to share instructions ahead)
  • Unsplash and Giphy integrations for amazing cover photos ✨

...aaand a lot more awesome stuff that you have to try out for yourself!


🖥 Butter for Desktop: Download the goodness!

Running Butter directly in the browser definitely has its perks as well as its challenges. We really believe in giving people the best possible experience, so to to experience the most buttery version of Butter, we've now released Butter for Desktop!

Butter for Desktop is available for both Windows and Mac!


👨‍🏫 Present PDFs: Upload and present directly in Butter!

Sharing your screen can be a bit of a headache. We have big plans to make this experience a lot better and the first step we've taken in this direction is to build a PDF presentation feature that allows you to export your Powerpoint, Keynote or even Google Slides to PDF, upload and present them directly in Butter!

Oh, and the slides are of course synced for all participants. 🤩


😍 New reactions: meet the Buttermojis!

It goes without saying that the emoji reactions is one of the most delightful features in Butter. We have now designed our own set of animated Buttermojis for your own reacting pleasure. 😍


📁 Updated recaps section: cleaned up and better filtering (asap)

The recaps section has gotten a bit of cleanup and some more useful filtering options so you can easily locate the recaps you're looking for. We hope you find it helpful! 🙌


Aaaaaand one more thing...


We're excited to be launching the Butter Community - a global community for facilitators, learning designers, trainers and more! Read more about it and sign up here:

That's a 🌯

... for now at least! We promise it won't be this long until next time you hear from us 🥰

Have a fantastic week and be sure to let us know if you have any feedback or ideas!