A new name and a new home

A new name and a new home

Christopher Holm-Hansen March 12, 2021

Man, if we had a nickel for every time our demos or interviews started with something along the lines of...

"So you're called... MeetButter? Really?"

We admit that our name has been a bit of a controversial one. But this was also a deliberate choice. And while many found it ingenious (ourselves included 😅) we've also had a lot people that weren't necessarily as fond of it (let's just say that we've heard some... ehm, let's call them peculiar stories about the connotations that MeetButter brought to mind).

So after a lot (like, a loooooooot) of discussions, deliberations and brainstormings (+ frantic domain scouting), we finally found the perfect home for the next part of our journey.

From today, we're officially changing our name from MeetButter to Butter 🧈 and moving from our first home to our new home www.butter.us 🎉 🤩

So what does this mean?

Not too much actually, but there are a few things we just want to clarify!

🆕 Moving to butter.us We will be moving to our new home over on www.butter.us. Not to worry, our old home will be kept alive for now as well.

🆔 Same login details as before When you log in on the new page, you have to use the same log in details as you use today. All of your rooms and data have been moved and are waiting for you when you log in.

👍 All 'old' room links still work All of your old MeetButter room links still work. If you've shared a meetbutter.io link in an invite, don't worry. We will redirect everyone who tries to access the link to the place they need to be automagically.

That's it! ✨

We hope you like the new name and will follow along with us on our quest for total Butter domination! Alléz!

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